June 22nd 2017

Oh boy, it’s been a while.

So let me catch you up.

I am now writing to you as a high school graduate. With an amazing job at Whole Foods. Looking at the world with a new kind of confidence.

I have dropped all negative people out of my life (well, most of them) and I’ve been looking to improve myself.

I am almost done my first college class ever, the dreaded ENG101 with Professor Kristyn Stout (Masters/PHD in Gender Studies and 17th Century literature). Along the way I’ve met two very sweet friends and one very sexy fuck boy who decided to kiss me in the parking lot. Kind of magical but not really anything major. Less slobbery than Chris and very tender and scruffy. Loves grabbing at the ass I don’t have but hey, who am I to tell him no?

So yes, that is and was my summer love. After many awkward and horrid encounters with Chris, I’ve decided to bounce around and explore my options. Testing out less “long term” relationships to avoid ending up with a stoner who wants to quit school.

Yes, fuckboy Sam was a stoner. No, he was not gonna quit school. I don’t give my ass out for free like that.

As you can see, I’m very confident in my image. If I can seduce a handsome guy like that without any makeup on for an entire 5 weeks of some class, I can do anything.

Tonight, I am heavily procrastinating on my Final Research Essay. All of my sources are Kaput and I’d rather spend some quality time bonding with my readers and catching them up with whatever my life is now.

I’ve explored my sensuality. I’ve overcome my anxiety. I even got my Driver’s License!! So much has happened since the last sad post I wrote that sadness is the last thing on my mind.

Well, I can’t lie. There still is a little sadness and anxiety. I’m gonna stay optimistic and hope that I will overcome. I’ve neglected myself spiritually a little bit, so that’s something I’d like to work on these coming months.

My new plan of action~

I’m going to…

  • Work on My Relationship with God. Or at least confront my Philosophical Views.
  • Build new adult relationships. Romantically and Platonically.
  • Improve my worth ethic for school. I need to finish this paper eventually, so I might as well go out with a bang.
  • Find love. Or have a very fun time finding it. I just wanna settle down by the time I’m in my late 20s. Maybe 25 or 26ish.

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