January 9th 2017

Like you don’t understand how many people you can push away with this attitude. People never want to be honest with you.

I know. That’s why I behave the way I do.

Years of timid acceptance of other’s opinions. Constant discrimination because I’m different.

From the day I discovered I suck at athletics, the day I showed my scarred skin to the world, the day I cut off all my hair, the day I professed my love to the first crush I had via a note in his locker and the day the pretty blonde girls mocked my confession.

When I cut people off and when I became an egocentric person: I was relieved of all the hurt.

Egocentric has gotten me everywhere. The apprehensive girl I used to be wouldn’t have a guy who treats her perfectly. Or wouldn’t have that extra cup at a fast food place she wanted or leadership positions. My facade as a narcissistic bitch made me excel and hey, maybe you’re jealous.

Why should I give a rat’s ass about what other’s think? I know I’m a good person. As good of a person I can be.

Yes, there are things I’d like to work on. Patience for one.

I don’t know, my public persona isn’t a reflection of the person I am in the slightest.



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