January 2nd 2017

I feel like I’ve missed my window for the perfect female companion.

Best Friends are supposedly the soul mate that aren’t really romantic soul mates but the platonic kinds. The girl(s) that would take you out shopping and care about your emotions. The one’s you could spend nights with and party with and never really get bored.

I don’t have one. I feel the friends I do have are more like acquaintances. All of them are guys. The female one’s I do have have someone else to call their best friends.

I’m either a third wheel or a friend-zoner. I don’t like being either.

Sure, maybe God doesn’t want me to find the perfect best friend just yet. I can’t help but search continuously. What if in 10 years I want to get married!? Who’s gonna be my maid of honor?

What if I want someone to understand me? Who’s going to venture out to parties or road trips with me?

I think I have a lot to offer in a friendship… so why haven’t I found one yet?

What’s wrong with me?


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