December 3rd 2016

This week…

I was fired. Well, I wanted to quit for a while, someone beat me to the punch.

Things I’ve learned this past week of “un-employment” :

  • Don’t ever worry about relationships made from work. If they genuinely want to talk to you, they’ll make an active effort to keep in touch with you.
  • All your haters will run their mouths when you’re gone. Yes, I know who you are. No, I will not let this phase me. Not everyone is going to like with you, so you need to get used to that.
  • Even though the big, scary, boss lady fired you, that doesn’t mean she’ll say mean things about you to new employers.
  • Finding a job the second time around isn’t easy at all. Unless you’re Anthony Celia, it’s hard to come by and if you’re blessed with an opportunity – don’t mess it up.

Sure, I’ve been embarrassed all week. That just gave me incentive to work on myself. I devoted my time studying (sort of), building character, evaluating what skills I have and what I want.

I’ve worked on myself physically. If I want clear skin, I made an active effort not to be lazy. Shiny teeth? Make an effort to floss. Side note : I broke a tooth. It sucked, and I probably swallowed a big chunk of it because it was in a movie theater and I was eating candy.

This gives me time to work on my music. I’ve been struggling with it for two years, I haven’t written anything new or exciting. This job search, I’ll leave room for musical dwelling.


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