November 24th 2016

Today is Thanksgiving and I suppose I have a few things I’m thankful for.

I’m thankful for my life. I can’t imagine how sad it’d be if I didn’t exist in the first place. Never feeling the wind on my face, listening to the soothing jams of Dryjacket, never tasting Crème Brûlée, seeing plum blossoms bloom on trees, or smelling sweet and citrusy scents of Earl Grey. Sure, people can be shitty and make living seem not worth the while but others are bearable. I’ll stick around for them.

I’m thankful for these people. I’m thankful for my mother, I’ll probably end up writing a separate article about her because this woman means a lot. Every time I feel like blowing her off, she keeps coming back. I’m thankful for my father, the best dad who takes responsibility and provides for us. That, and he’s pretty a pretty jammin scientist. My elder brother, my best friend and partner in crime and the little one for doing endless favors for me and expecting nothing in return. His character is what I aspire to have.

I’m thankful for my Zebree. I don’t mention her as much now that I’m older, but I haven’t forgotten about her. My comfortable, fluffy, cute zeeba neeba. A piece of my childhood.

I’m thankful for Chris. I try not to mention him by name as much on here but I can’t help it today. His name brings me almost as much joy as his being. I would’ve never guessed the weirdo with the meat stains all over his white smock, the big bear rapping and singing would be so special to me. We aren’t dating, but I love him very much. I hope one day we can get to that point where I can tell him how much he really means to me. I’m thankful for the wisdom he gives, the patience he has when I tell him some lame joke or about my day, the good morning and good night texts, the music, and how he makes me feel beautiful and important. My constant reminder that everything happens for a reason.

Happy Thanksgiving, All.


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