October 25th 2016

Lizard. Snake. Reptile.

I am a very dry girl. I love my body, don’t get me wrong. I have all of my limbs and they work, my face is proportionate.

My skin is that of a monster. I feel like the boogeyman when I show them.

I cannot describe the physical or emotional pain. Chapped, red cracks that bleed in the winter. Cruel remarks made by soft skinned people.

I remember growing up, I’d always hope that my legs got skinned or something. Cut up enough so I could ask the doctor to graft new skin for me. The supple kind.

I remember crying because one day if I got married, my Husband wouldn’t love me because I wasn’t going to be pleasurable scaly.

I made a decision this year. I’m going to get a tattoo to cover up the scars.

It will hopefully be a worthy investment.


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