June 14th 2016

Who am I?

I think I have a fair idea. Everyone describes me as beautiful, musical, intelligent, passionate, or maybe even funny. Others would retort bitch, slut, conniving, useless, or my favorite: “ugly”.

I think recently I’ve been suffering an identity crisis. Years of being told who I am or should be has left me pondering, who am I?

My charisma may not be my own.

Could it be, that my psyche has fallen victim to the influence of television or the bible? If I were the last person on earth, or in a dire situation, how would I act?

Would I save that man from a burning building? Would I be good company to myself?

I can say with certainty what I wish I’ll be.

  • Compassionate like my mother
  • Wise like my father
  • Intelligent like my brother, Alex
  • Comedic like my brother, Aristotle
  • Pretty like a flower
  • Steadfast like Titanium
  • Beautiful like Moon

All of us have a right to pursue who we want to be.


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